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Vision & Values


Keyes to Learning Charter School recognizes the home as the heart of learning. Credentialed educators collaborate with parents, offering individualized attention in one-on-one and classroom settings using the highest quality academic resources. 

Expected Schoolwide Learning Results

Keyes to Learning Charter School expects its graduates to be:

1. Academic Achievers who: 
• Meet or exceed the California State Standards in English, mathematics, science and social studies.
• Rise above and go beyond the norm.

2. Responsible, Self-Directed Citizens who:
• Participate fully as well-informed and active participants in their communities.
• Make informed choices and fulfill civic duties.
• Demonstrate knowledge of local state and federal government issues.
• Set high educational and personal goals.
• Understand that proper nutrition and physical fitness are necessary for good health.
• Demonstrate how to budget money, handle finances and perform other basic life skills.
• Recognize the importance of service to others.

3. Effective Thinkers and Communicators who: 
• Are culturally literate and classically educated.
• Understand and use technology competently and appropriately.
• Write logically developed and mechanically proficient reports, letters, essays and narratives.
• Speak with confidence with a group or to an audience.

4. Successful Collaborative Individuals who: 
• Work effectively in groups.
• Exhibit good manners and positive attitudes.
• Manage relationships in a positive manner.
• Exhibit flexibility and good time management.


  1. Servant Leadership – We guide and lead others by giving them what they need to be successful (i.e. materials, advice, encouragement, and modeling).
  2. Initiative – We have the courage to develop/try new ideas or methods. We take the initiative, corporately and individually, to do what is necessary to help our school, parents and students succeed.
  3. Steadfastness/Dedication – We diligently follow through with any objective until it is complete.
  4. Amicability – We demonstrate friendly behavior and genuine caring towards all others.
  5. High Standards – We have and achieve high expectations of ourselves aiming to do our very best in all that we do. We help our families and students set, strive for and reach lofty goals.
  6. Loyalty – We are faithful towards our commitments and our school, staff, and families.
  7. Integrity – We can be relied upon to be honest and trustworthy in whatever we do.
  8. Spirituality – We place great importance on and demonstrate the values that are within us.
  9. Thoughtfulness – We go beyond what is expected of us, showing our concern and caring for our colleagues and school families.
  10. Creativity – We stretch beyond the basic to develop new, imaginative, and inventive ideas. We work to provide solutions and improvements in our students’ learning, in our staff’s and parents’ teaching, and in our schools efficiency and effectiveness.
  11. Love of Learning – We eagerly reach out beyond ourselves to increase our knowledge and development as individuals and to motivate our families and students to do the same.
  12. Responsibility – We are accountable for our behavior, obligations and duties.
  13. Value Others – We recognize and appreciate that others have worth and that we can gain/grow from them. We demonstrate this in how we interact with those we encounter on a daily basis.
  14. Patience – We exhibit calmness and self-control, enduring without complaint.