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Parent Rights and Responsibilities

2017-18 Notice of Parent Rights and Responsibilities

KTL’s Parent/Student Handbooks 

2017-18, K-6 Handbook

2017-18, 7-12 Handbook

2017-18, I.S. Handbook

Academic Progress/Probation

Quarterly progress reports will be issued in October and March for students with a grade in any class lower than a C. These students may be placed on academic probation and may be required to attend tutoring sessions on Wednesdays or Fridays in order to stay in the class.

All students on probation will have periodic meetings with their parent, faculty mentor and the principal to assess progress.

Credit Deficiency

Students who have not earned sufficient credits for grade level will be placed on probation until the deficiency is resolved. In the Keyes Unified School District the school board requires a minimum of 220 credits for high school graduation. A total of 260 credits are required to meet University of California course requirements and graduate with honors.

To stay on target for graduation, 9th graders should have completed 55 credits, 10th graders should have completed 110 credits, and 11th graders should have completed 165 credits.

Sports and Electives

It is district policy that students on probation not participate in sports teams.
Students with more than one D in the previous semester are not allowed to serve on the Student Council.

College Courses

Students on probation are not permitted to attend college classes until the probationary period is resolved.


Plagiarism is a serious offense that includes the copying of part or all of another persons’ work and submitting it as your own. Plagiarism is theft and results in immediate consequences, including probation. Do your own writing and your own thinking. Plagiarism is theft!