When was KTL started?
Keyes to Learning Charter School opened its doors in the fall of 1995.

Where is KTL?
KTL is located in southern Stanislaus County. We have campuses in Keyes, California and Turlock, California. By law we can serve students in our own county and adjacent counties. Our students live in communities ranging from south of Merced to north of Modesto. Parents provide their own transportation to all classes, meetings, assessments and events.

How much will I have to pay?
There is no tuition at KTL. Like all California public charter schools, KTL is supported by tax dollars, allocated based on average daily attendance records. Prices in the course catalog are based on replacement costs for lost or damaged materials.

How much time must parents spend on their children’s schooling?
That depends. Each student is an individual with specific educational needs. On average, expect your child to require four or more hours to complete all assignments each school day. Of course, younger students require more one-on-one instruction and older students work more independently, but still under parental supervision.

KTL is a hybrid school combining both home education and classroom enrichment. Parents provide transportation for their own children and may be asked to volunteer in their children’s classes. At all other times parents are responsible for their own children’s education. At KTL the parental teaching role is often shared with grandparents and other adult family members.