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Keyes To Learning Charter School
Personalized Learning for your student!

KTL offers several great programs, one of them will be a great match for your unique student :

  • K-12 Home Study Program
  • K-6 SUPER MONDAY Enrichment Class
  • K-6 CORE Academy Classroom Based Program
  • 7-12 KEY Academy

KTL Charter is a California Distinguished School and was recently awarded 6 years full accreditation by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges!

Visit us at our facility conveniently located near Highway 99 and Keyes Rd. 5709 9th Street in Keyes, CA

Learn about KTL’s demographics at the California Department of Education Closing the Achievement Gap website.

Keyes to Learning Charter School opened its doors in the fall of 1995. KTL’s original mission was to serve families who wanted to home school their children with the support of a trained educator. Since then, KTL has grown from 12 students to 300+. Beginning with a staff of one, our school now has over 25 teachers, support staff and student assistants. Today KTL is a hybrid school that combines the best of both classroom instruction and home school family time.

Parents frequently ask what makes our charter school different from other charter schools. California law requires each school to have a charter that describes the educational program and establishes student, parent, and staff expectations. It is important for parents to know the differences between charters before committing their family to a particular type of school. We hope the following points will help familiarize you with our charter school:

KTL is a hybrid school – Keyes to Learning combines home school and classroom-based education.

KTL emphasizes cohesive curriculum – The learning materials we purchase and develop are based on a school-wide plan with enriching content in literature, history, geography, science and the arts, and specific individual skills in math, reading and language (including English and foreign language study.)

KTL requires monthly meetings or Guided Home Study – Parents have the option of choosing either a monthly or a bi-monthly meeting plan. If the monthly option is chosen, the parent implements the daily lesson plans at home and meets with the Educational Advisor once a month. Parents may also choose to enroll their children in weekly enrichment classes, which support the lessons completed at home. Guided Home Study is similar to an independent study program, although the student may sometimes participate in classes offered through the school. Under the Guided Home Study model the teacher, and not the parent, is the adult in charge of choosing materials and making assignments.

KTL places a priority on hands-on education – Because the staff of KTL believes so strongly in hands-on learning, we have developed a variety of ways for students to learn on the farm, in the lab and on the road. Discovery Ranch 4-H provides many projects from gardening to rocketry, animal studies and biology labs. Our families enjoy frequent field trips in addition to our Ed-Venture travel program.

KTL is a patron of the arts – We believe that children should be exposed to excellent art. Our Season Tickets program brings the best of the arts community to you and your family and an annual Gala showcases our abundant student talent and energy. While many schools promote their size or their technology, it is our belief that parents ant a personal touch. It is wonderful to have the community support that friends and family offer. We hope you enjoy our website and that you write or call with any questions you may have.