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MJC Eligibility

Modesto Junior College 


A continuing student in grades 9-12 may take one or two courses at Modesto Junior College with:

  • a 3.0+ GPA in high school classes (with no D’s or F’s in the previous semester at KTL)
  • parent permission
  • a schedule that permits the time and the number of units (You won’t be allowed to overload!)
  • reliable transportation
  • an internet connection (You need to go online even if you take an on-campus class.)
  • the appropriate forms signed at KTL and submitted to MJC before you may register

See www.gomjc.org for more information or an “advanced high school petition” form.

Selecting classes

Visit MJC’s Searchable Schedule to search for classes.

Many charter school students begin taking classes at MJC with a physical education class. This is an excellent way to become familiar with the MJC campus and with MJC enrollment and registration procedures. In addition, KTL students in good standing with a 2.0-3.0 GPA may petition to take PE classes at MJC.

To find a PE class go to the Searchable Schedule at the MJC website and scroll down to MPEC: Coed Activities. Select the days and times you are able to attend and submit the search.

Note that MJC PE classes begin at various dates during the semester, including many short 5 week courses at the end of the semester.

Parents: You may consider taking a physical education class with your student. Courses range from Aerobics and Bowling to Table Tennis and Yoga and include students of all ages.


There is no tuition charge for high school students but you will pay some health and activities fees of less than $30 each semester. There is also a daily or semester fee for a parking permit.


If you submit your textbook list at least two weeks in advance, your textbooks can be purchased by KTL in time for you to begin classes. When you register for a class, print out your schedule and textbook list and submit them to the KTL office.

Parents: All course textbooks are listed at MJC Pirate’s Bookstore. Please make sure that you review textbooks for appropriateness for your student before signing up for the course. Unlike high school students, college students may not opt out of reading assignments due to objectionable content. See College Success Plan for information about MJC. Make sure your permission forms are signed, faxed and on file at MJC.