CHSPE Early Diploma Alternative

Keyes Charter School is required by the California Education Code to distribute information about the California High School Proficiency Exam (CHSPE) to 11th and 12th graders.

Students may complete high school early by successfully passing the California High School Proficiency Exam (CHSPE). Students are eligible to take the CHSPE by their second semester of 10th grade. This option may be insufficient to satisfy rigorous University of California standards. For more information see

Please carefully research the CHSPE, especially if you are considering the military or a college in another state, as only California public schools are required to accept it.

Here are a few facts about the CHSPE.

  • The CHSPE is voluntary and requires a registration fee of $92 each time it is taken.
  • The CHSPE should not be confused with the CAHSEE, the mandatory public high school exit exam.
  • The CHSPE is given in Modesto and other locations statewide.
  • Passing the CHSPE means that a student may be excused from a work permit and may leave high school under age 18 with PARENT PERMISSION.
  • Passing the CHSPE means that a student may leave high school to go to community college, however, the student will be responsible for paying for all college books and tuition. A student who remains at Keyes Charter School may take college classes part-time and will NOT be required to pay tuition or purchase textbooks.

Parents: In the past the CHSPE was a route some students chose for early college entry. Since that time, concurrent college enrollment for high school students has become more popular than the CHSPE for accelerated students. Because of the academic support Keyes Charter provides for high school students taking college courses, our students may both earn a high school diploma and build credits toward an associate’s degree or tranfer units to a four-year college.