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College Planning

Start planning for college today!

Visiting Colleges

In the past KTL students have toured our CSUS in groups, but did you know that colleges welcome visits by families? Our family has been graciously met by tour guides and given personal attention at colleges when we have scheduled visits. We have also enjoyed getting to know more about a school by directly visiting a specific department. It is easy to preview the college’s program on the Internet, pick up the phone and call the number you find online, or send an email to visit a college that your child might attend. There are also visitor weekends specifically designed for guests.

While it may seem like college is far off, I believe that junior high students should begin to visit now and think about the coursework they will need in order to apply to their preferred school or schools. For eleventh and twelfth graders, the need to visit is clear. You will want to compare college programs and campus life at various public and private schools. To make sure that your children are well prepared and have a full range of options at graduation, begin visiting now!

Research Online

CaliforniaColleges.edu is the state’s official website that provides information about higher education in California for students, counselors, and parents. It has been developed in collaboration with the California State University (CSU)University of California (UC)California Community Colleges (CCC)Association of Independent California Colleges and Universities (A I C C U), and the California Department of Education.

College Classes & KTL

Before you may have official permission forms signed for college classes, you must have an in-house eligibility form signed by all your classroom teachers. Eligibility forms are available at KTL.

Your academic and behavioral progress for the semester must be satisfactory or exemplary to take courses. You may be approved for one to 11 credits as long as you are taking at least four HIGH SCHOOL courses through KTL. Special rules may apply to seniors. See your advisor for details.

College permission and financial forms must be signed and completed each semester and returned to the appropriate college before you may register. Although financial forms are required, all tuition for high school students will be waived regardless of your family’s financial resources. You will be asked to pay a small fee ($20-30) to the college to cover activities and health each semester., and of course provide your own transportation.

The KTL budget permits the purchase of new textbooks for ONE college course per student per fall or spring semester. As you choose your college courses, you may want to check PERL library for available textbooks for additional courses. For summer classes, no new textbook purchases are available but you may check out textbooks already in the KTL collection. Check the MJC Pirates Bookstore website for textbook information for each class.

It is your responsibility to send the textbook information for your course to Mrs. Nisan as soon as you register for a course. Information may be found at www.mjc.edu at the bookstore link at the bottom of the menu on the left side of the screen. Please call 634-6467 for more information.


How do you know how many credits you have earned? Each 9-12 course is worth credits toward graduation and also receives either a letter grade or a pass/fail grade. If you need your transcript for a scholarship or other purposes, please make your request in writing via email to your adviser and allow one week for processing. Be sure to include your last name and the word “transcript” in the subject line.

Click the link to this video to learn how to read a KTL transcript: