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College Classes

Responsible 11th and 12th grade students with a 3.0 or higher cumulative GPA have the opportunity to enroll in a CSU class through distance education (www.csudh.edu). The classes meet from 3 to 4:30 online and are archived for repeated viewing. Classes require a $3.50 registration check (less than lunch at a fast food place!), approval of parent and principal, extensive study, online work, and field trips.

Only a few classes are still open at local colleges. The class schedule is available at the Modesto Junior College website. Make sure all your KTL eligibility and permission forms are signed in time for registration. See College Planning for more information about selecting classes and borrowing textbooks.

College courses count for BOTH high school and college credit. One semester class earns you one YEAR of high school honors credit. In order to receive college textbooks, students must submit complete textbook information and must place a textbook deposit that is refunded upon completion of the course.

Create your roadmap to college at http://www.college.gov/wps/portal

Learn how to apply to MJC at How to apply to Modesto Junior College

Advanced Admission for Eligible Junior High and High School Students
Junior high and high school students must complete an MJC admissions application, an Advanced Admission Petition (for Junior High School or High School students), a Health Consent form and a Board of Governors Grant Fee Waiver (BOGW) form. The Advanced Admission Petition is available in the MJC Admissions Office, in the Welcome Center, and at most high school Counseling Offices and Junior High Principal’s Offices. Concurrently enrolled junior high and high school students must meet all eligibility requirements as outlined on the Advanced Admission Petition. You can download the High School Advanced Admission Petition in .pdf format here. Eligible junior high and high school students are welcome to enroll in credit courses numbered 50-299; and in up to 11 units without additional approval. To enroll in 11.5 or more units, students must have the written approval of their school district’s Board of Trustees as well as the MJC President.